All You Need to Know about Rumford Fireplaces

Rumford fireplaces are suddenly coming back into vogue with renovations of historical property. This is true both in the US, as well as in Europe. Whether you are living in or own a historical property, or even if you just want to build a home in a particular style, RumfRumford Fireplace For Saleord fireplaces might just be the answer to your prayers. Here, we will talk about just what a Rumford fireplace is. We will also talk about variations on the style. Lastly, we will talk about considerations you should take before installing a Rumford fireplace.

Characteristics of Rumford Fireplaces

Rumford fireplaces were first invented by Benjamin “Count Rumford” Thompson in the late 1790s. He invented this specific type of fireplace by creating a masonic fireplace that was shallow, angled at the back, but tall, and lined with tile or brick. This increase of surface area where the fire was allowed for more heat to be reflected back into the room and improve heating. By cutting down on the size of the throat inside the chimney of the fireplace, smoke would be drawn out more effectively. These fireplaces remained popular until the 1850s.

Variations on Rumford Fireplaces

There are a few variations of Rumford fireplaces. Any of these variations are true Rumford fireplaces, even though they are a bit different from one another. Classically, these fireplaces burnt wood. However, these days, Rumfords can be modified to burn gas so you do not have to chop, cart, or buy wood. You can also modify these fireplaces to be very large, or even to contain an oven. In some cases, Rumford fireplaces can be placed together. This can make an impressive centerpiece or focal point for a room. It can also effectively heat a very large space.


There are a few considerations that you may want to contemplate before having a Rumford installed in your home. Firstly, understand that there are specific specifications that Rumford fireplaces must be built to. They must also be built to proper building codes. This is where you can contact a local contractor to be sure your plans or final product is built to code. Also be sure that you understand that more than just the contractor may be involved in creating a Rumford. A mason may also have to be involved to complete brick and tile work. After installation, a sweep will have to be contacted on a regular basis to keep the chimney clean. 

Rumford Fireplace History