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24" Rumford Fireplace30" Rumford Fireplace
Kit Price $1,699.00
Kit Price $1,799.00
The 36" wide Rumford FireplaceThe 30" wide Rumford Fireplace
The 24" wide Rumford - Perfect for historical restoration of gas and coal fireplaces.The 30" wide Rumford - Great for bedrooms, libraries, and living rooms sized 150-300 sq/ft.
36" Rumford Fireplace42" Rumford Fireplace
Kit Pirce $1,899.00
Kit Price $2,199.00
The 36" wide Rumford FireplaceThe 42" wide Rumford Fireplace
The 36" wide Rumford - A traditional and efficient size for living or family rooms up to 400 square feet in area.The 42" wide Rumford - A big fireplace great for large living spaces with tall ceilings
48" Rumford Fireplace54" Rumford Fireplace
Kit Price $2,499.00
Kit Price $2,599.00
The 48" wide Rumford FireplaceThe 54" wide Rumford Fireplace
The 48" wide Rumford - A dramatic fireplace only suitable for rooms over 400 sq/ftThe 54" wide Rumford - This mighty fireplace is designed for great halls.
60" Rumford Fireplace72" Rumford Fireplace
Kit Price $2,799.00
Kit Price $3,299.00
The 60" wide Rumford FireplaceThe 72" wide Rumford Fireplace
The 60" wide Rumford - The immense fireplace looks fanastic on outdoor patios and large chamber rooms.The 72" wide Rumford - The largest Rumford fireplace available puts out an immense amount of heat.

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